Artist agency in Austria

Since 2008, City Tours Austria has also been offering a service of Austrian artists who can perform in shows, events and ceremonies in Austria, Germany or anywhere else in Europe. For this purpose, we work together with both independant artists and carefully-selected Austrian talent agencies, which leads to a big advantage for our customers: indeed, via City Tours Austria you can not only hire artists from our own directory, but also from other artist agencies' directories, which considerably widens your choice compared to independant artist agencies.

City Tours Austria can currently provide you with the following kinds of artist-related services:

Moreover, in the field of artist management, City Tours Austria offers a few special groups exclusively managed and supported by City Tours:

How to hire an artist via City Tours

If you want to book artist-related services for your ceremony or event in Austria, please send us your detailed request at . We will answer you in very little time and offer you various appropriate artists for your event. Please note that you will make things easier for us - and consequently our answer will come more quickly - if you let us know from the beginning your approximate budget. The entire team of City Tours Austria is now looking forward to your request!